Foreign National Programs

Many foreign investors have seen the U.S. real estate market as a great opportunity for stability and growth.  For those who purchased when markets were at all time lows, they now have the opportunity to cash out more than they paid.  Others see our recovery as a beacon of stability and they too would like a piece of the American Dream.  We have loan programs available for all property and occupancy types.  Loan programs available include Stated Investors loans, Rental Income Qualifying and Fully Documented loans.  Rates and restrictions do apply, please inquire how we can help you today!

Stated Investor Programs

Foreign borrowers who may not have typical income documentation will find this program easy to qualify for by stating their income and simply verifying their assets.

Rental Income Qualifying Programs

This is a favorite among our Foreign National borrowers.  This program combines low rates with easy qualifying terms.  For purchases, the borrower can qualify for the mortgage based on the property’s ability to generate rental income through the market rent survey in their appraisal.  On refinance transactions, borrowers can qualify based off what the property is currently rented for with proof of lease.

Fully Documented Programs

For foreign borrowers who have no problem proving sufficient income and assets, we have fully documented programs available that provide the lowest rates and highest loan-to-values.  You will be amazed how low these rates are.