Multipurpose Loans

Investment Property Loans for Non-Conventional Investing Opportunities

Are you considering investing in non-owner occupied rental or investment property? At Innovative Mortgage Services, we provide multipurpose loans to meet the needs of all types of real estate investors. Our mortgage brokers work closely with our borrowers to find the right loan for each budget and financial goal. Investment property loans are available for clients who might not qualify or succeed with traditional investment loans, such as stated income loans, foreign national loans and private or hard money loans. If you are considering investment property loans for real estate in Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Stuart, Fort Pierce, or surrounding Florida communities, contact Innovative Mortgage Services today.

Loans for Non-Owner Occupied Property

When you choose to invest in rental properties, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should thoroughly explore your rental property options, including rental homes and apartments and even condominiums. You should evaluate the length of time you are willing to wait on your investment and what you are looking to get out of it. The team at Innovative Mortgage Services can help you evaluate the current market and determine what rates of return you can expect. For each of these loan opportunities, you must meet certain approval criteria.

Stated Income Investment Loans

Stated income investment loans for non-owner occupied properties can help you purchase a rental property. Stated income investment loans for residential properties can be used to purchase a 1-4 unit, single-family residences. With stated income loans, you may get loan approval for a rental property without providing pay stubs, income tax returns and other documentation. This type of loan is great for clients who are self-employed (i.e., owning real estate) or otherwise might have difficulty getting a loan otherwise.

Foreign National Loans

Rental and investment properties are an attractive investment opportunity for many foreign nationals. To obtain this type of loan for a non-owner occupied property with 1-4 units, clients must have an entity actively registered in Florida and a valid bank account. We offer competitive interest rates so you can purchase a profitable rental property with long-term returns.

Private and Hard Money Loans

Private and hard money loans are a type of financing available for real estate or rental property investors who aren’t good candidates for conventional loans. These loans typically have a shorter duration than conventional residential property loans and traditionally have higher interest rates. We work with several private and hard money lenders to provide competitive rates and flexible terms so you can purchase non-owner occupied property.

Multipurpose Investment Property Loans

When you’re ready to begin the process of finding and purchasing a rental or investment property, contact Innovative Mortgage Services today. We help clients find investment property loans even when they have been told no for conventional investment loans. If you are looking to purchase property in Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach, Stuart, Fort Pierce, or surrounding Florida, we offer the personal attention you deserve from a mortgage broker.