Private/Hard Money

If you are needing to close fast or have a property that is not up to typical lending standards, we have a vast network of Private and Institutional lenders that will custom cater to your loan needs.  We have both short and long term loan options available, depending upon your specific needs.  For those looking for short term lending we have a 12 month Fix-n-Flip program available.  This is perfect for those only looking to hold a property for a short period of time.  Ask about our no pre-payment penalty options and no DSCR options.  For those seeking lending for longer periods of time, we have interest only,  ARM’s and 30 year fixed options available.  These programs are available for domestic and foreign borrowers, as well as business entities.   Our clients love our fast closings and easy qualifying terms.   Ask how we can fund your next hard-to-place loan request quickly.